Python Software

The following is various Python software by David McClosky. All are available under the GPLv2. Some are better commented and documented than others (sorry about that). I am working on putting them each into Distutils packages. Also, these should be in a CVS repository, too. Please send any comments, requests, patches, etc. to dmcc at bigasterisk dot com. I'm also interested to hear if anyone has any use for these and what people are building with them.

Optional Packages
Required Packages
Last Updated Autoexpanding super simple note pad (Tkinter) 2003/03/06
ISOHeader-1.1.tar.gz Interface to ISO9660 volume attributes (docs) 2003/03/01
MtPython-1.0.tar.gz File system and mounting information (docs) 2003/03/03
PyXSS.tar.gz Python interface to screensaver information (idle time, etc.) Version: 2.1 (docs) 2003/07/27 Incremental Listbox Filtering Widget (Tix) (docs) shellwords 2003/03/03
SnackMix-1.3.tar.gz Interface to Snack's OSS audio mixers and some mixing widgets (docs) Snack 2003/03/10 A (very) simple HTML table parser Version: 2.0 (docs) 2003/07/06 tail -f written natively in Python (docs) 2003/03/03
cvsstat Format the output of 'cvs status' 2003/03/03 Python interface to FreeDB's search capabilities Version: 1.0 (docs) Soundex 2004/12/16 Fast Regular Expression Finder 2003/03/03 Multigrep (needs recent grep) 2003/03/03

Other projects that are not on this site: In alpha/beta:

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